Nature and Creativity as Medicine for a Wounded World

Nature and Creativity as Medicine for a Wounded World

Hello friend,

With the transition back to school and the cooler weather here in the Pacific Northwest, I have been finding myself a little more contemplative lately. I have had more time to myself to think; I’ve been spending more time making art; and I’m getting a walk in nature most mornings. I’ve also been listening to some books on our place in the world as a species. It’s got me thinking about how we can support and heal each other more. I’ve really noticed what a big difference it makes for me to have the ability to walk in nature and create. And it’s got me thinking that those two things might be the potent medicine needed for healing our species and the world.

Our connection with the natural world is the focus of my 2024 wall calendar which is now available!

In a world that feels so fractured and wounded, I find solace and hope in the embrace of nature and creativity. Just as author, Robin Wall Kimmerer so beautifully weaves the threads of science, indigenous wisdom, and storytelling in her works, we too can use these elements to heal ourselves and the broken world around us.

Nature holds profound lessons in reciprocity and interconnectedness. We are not mere observers of the natural world; we are integral parts of it. In understanding this, we recognize our responsibility to care for and nurture the earth. Healing begins with the simple act of acknowledging our deep-rooted kinship with the land, water, and air that sustains us.

Creativity, on the other hand, is the force that sparks innovation, ignites our passions, and fuels our problem-solving abilities. It is the wellspring of art, science, and invention, and it resides within each of us, waiting to be tapped. Creativity is not limited to the canvas or the page; it permeates every aspect of our lives. It is the force that drives us to reimagine our world, to dream beyond the confines of the status quo.

When we weave together nature and creativity, magic happens. We find inspiration in the patterns of a butterfly's wings or the symphony of a forest. We use these inspirations to paint our canvases, write our stories, and innovate solutions to the pressing challenges we face. We listen to the stories nature tells us, stories of resilience and adaptation, and we use them to guide our own journeys of healing.

We can learn from indigenous cultures that have long understood the deep connection between nature and creativity. Indigenous knowledge systems recognize the importance of storytelling, song, and art as pathways to transmit wisdom and strengthen the bonds between people and the land. These traditions teach us that healing is a collective effort, and creativity is our shared tool for shaping a better world.

In this journey of healing, let us also remember the importance of reciprocity. Just as nature gives to us, we must give back. Creativity can take the form of sustainable practices, conservation efforts, and acts of kindness toward the environment and each other. Through reciprocity, we nourish the world that sustains us, and in doing so, we heal ourselves.

These are my musings today, sweet friend. I believe we get this one precious life to live, and I really want to use my resources and talents fully in service of this earth and its inhabitants. I’m never sure exactly how to do that. But I think we can start by listening to the land and the stories it tells, drawing inspiration from its beauty and resilience, and channeling our creativity to reimagine and heal our world. In this way, we discover the power not only to heal but also to create a future where we might once again thrive with the natural world together in harmony.

If you or your kiddos would like to join me in some creative play, check out my class offerings right over here. I'd love to support you and your family in incoporating more creativity and nature into your lives.

With love and gratitude.

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