Check it out! New Art!

Check it out! New Art!

Friends! Today's the day! I am beyond excited to finally get to share the latest artwork that I've been working on this spring and early summer. There are 12 new pieces and they are all included in my 2018 calendar which is also hot off the presses! This post will be a teaser of sorts and over the next several months I'll continue to spotlight different images, what inspired them, and how I hope they will inspire you. But for now... onto the teasing! Without further ado... This collection of new artwork is centered around the theme that "we're all in this together."
Our words, actions, and inactions all have a ripple effect. Cards and prints available here!

As I've blogged about this year here, here, and here I've really felt called to awaken and step up to honor our connections to each other and the natural world in ways I haven't before. I know many of you have felt it too. This collection is not only about mutual respect for the common threads that unite us, but also honoring the strength that comes from the rich diversity found in our differences, and the unique gifts that every living thing brings to our world.

Savor the slow ways to return to our connection with nature. Cards and prints available here.

Our differences are where our greatest strengths lie. Our words, actions, and the messages we send our kids matter. You'll see these ideas running throughout this collection of new work.

All kinds of growth comes from a simple walk with mama in the woods. Cards and prints available here.

It's more critical than ever that we spend time outside, and revel in the beauty and balance of the natural world.

There's really nothing as humbling as Mother Nature's creations. Cards and prints available here.

My wish is that the images in this collection will inspire and empower you throughout your days, weeks and years to awaken and step up in new and powerful ways. So that's it for my teaser! Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes details and spotlights on the new images. Until then, please poke around in my gallery and shop to check out the entire collection and the 2018 calendar. Thank you for your continued support!

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