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I believe we are deeply connected to each other and the natural world.  And every now and then, we really need to realign ourselves with those connections and natural rhythms to fully receive the support, wisdom, and guidance of our intuition.  This is what I try to create with my retreats.  It is a day of reconnecting with your inner wisdom through nature and creativity.  The atmosphere is playful, relaxed, and nurturing.  You will be guided to reconnect with your intuitive wisdom, realign yourself with the rhythms of the natural world, and learn how to anchor into these resources so that you can access them on a regular basis in your daily life.  Activities include art making (exploring a wide variety of mediums), rekindling your deep connection with the natural world, meditation/reflection, art journaling, and much more.

No art experience is necessary.  Fee includes all necessary art supplies. 

Retreat Info at a Glance:

  • When: Saturday, April 1, 2023
  • Time: 9am – 6pm* 
  • Where: Trout Lake Abbey, Trout Lake, WA
  • Cost:  $175
  • Most necessary art supplies
  • Mixed media experiences


  • Learn how and why we connect to ecological systems
  • Meditations/reflections
  • A playful, inquisitive tone
  • An emphasis on the journey
  • An invitation to express oneself
  • Time split inside and out
  • *Overnight accommodations available

Retreat Details:

We will begin our gathering in the Mountain Room at the beautiful Trout Lake Abbey in Trout lake, Washington.  If you have never been to the Abbey this will be quite the treat!  If you have been to the Abbey – it’ll be a re-treat (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!).  It is a magical space and I am elated to be holding this retreat here.

The tone for the retreat will be supportive, loving, and playful.  All are welcome and safe here.  

We will start by getting to know one another and our space through some collaborative creative play.  We will incorporate wild wisdom from the natural world and use this wisdom to guide our meditations throughout the day.  This will be the foundation as we start building a personal roadmap for connecting to that intuitive wisdom in ourselves.  


Before the morning is done, we will get into some art making – getting to know one another and physically creating a supportive foundation upon which we will express our creativity through the rest of the day.  

We will break for a healthy, nourishing lunch (provided) and then take some time to explore the amazing grounds of the Abbey – either with others or alone.  When we regroup, we’ll dive deeper into the ways we find our true north and how to get back to those places when we find ourselves off track. We’ll continue our creative projects and incorporate the wild wisdom we received along the way to anchor in the lessons learned.  

Attendees are welcome to stay and enjoy a light dinner together.  Overnight accommodations are available and sold separately (see below).  

Overnight Accommodations:

The Trout Lake Abbey has several options for overnight accommodations.  If you choose to stay (and I hope you do!), you can reserve one of the cozy rooms in the BnB house (pictured at left), or in one of the little Meditation Huts (pictured below).  No matter what you choose, I know you’ll be glad you stayed to let the richness of the retreat soak into your bones in this magical supportive space.



BnB House Rooms

There are 5 different rooms in the BnB house, many of which could accommodate more than one person.  If you choose to share a room with a friend who is also attending, only one of you needs to book the room. Please note that *no breakfast is included in this stay*.  Here are the options available:

The Stoller

The Stoller suite has a King size bed, a private bath with a large soaking tub and a view of Mt. Adams. The bed is a split king Sleep Number with independent up / down adjustment as well as firmness selections.

$130 per night 

The Woman

The Woman Room contains a queen bed, a spectacular view of Mt. Adams and shares a jack & jill style bathroom with The Man Room.

$105 per night

The Man

The Man room contains two single beds, a view of Mt. Adams and shares a jack & jill style bathroom with The Woman Room. 

$105 per night

The Garden

The Garden room has a full size bed, a view overlooking our vegetable and herb gardens and an adjacent bathroom in the hallway. 

$99 per night

The Bunk

The Bunk room has a full bed with a single bed on top. The windows overlook our gardens and the bathroom is located next door in the hallway. 

$99 per night

Meditation Huts

There are 7 different meditation huts available in the cloisters of the Abbey.  Think of this as a “glamping” option.  The huts are tiny, but heated. There is a thick trifold futon and all normal bedding inside the huts and they are heated with ceramic wall heaters.  The huts are very well insulated so they stay cozy!  There is a separate building nearby with bathrooms and shower facilities available for all meditation hut guests.  Warm water and a larger communal, indoor, lounging space are available in the BnB house right across the driveway.

Meditation Hut

A sweet little hut all to yourself.  Each hut is heated and has a covered front porch.  Each includes a thick trifold futon and ceramic wall heater. These spaces are rustic, but warm and would make a nice affordable place for post-retreat reflection.

$50 per night

Connection Retreats 


Your Instructor

Jordan Kim

Jordan Kim

Hi!  I’m Jordan Kim and if you choose to take a Found & Rewound class, I will be your instructor.  I do not have a teaching degree, but I do have a lot of experience educating the public.  

What are my credentials?  Well, I have a BS in biology and two minors – one in chemistry and one in studio art.  I also have a masters degree in Environmental Management.  Needless to say, I love to learn.  And I like to share this love of learning with others. 

Like many, my path has been a winding one.  I worked as an ecologist for over 15 years.  In this career path, I often taught the public about how best to manage their land so as to minimize imacts on natural resources.  I love sharing my love and fascination with the natural world.  

Now I have the absolute joy of creating classes that combine these loves with my passion for the arts and creativity.  I hope to see you in class!

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