watching a worm

The Wonders of Worm Watching

Holy moly. It's been one of those weeks. We've got a huge annual event at my day job, little man is getting two molars and one canine tooth all at once (3 big teeth = very little sleep), I'm trying to put together a new art collection, and Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells Part B (MATS) just started on Monday (think monthly Bootcamp assignment squished into one week for five weeks straight). I don't know about you, but when things get super hectic busy like this, I tend to slip into some old, not-so-healthy, habits... namely overworking. Ugh... The super-driven, over-achiever, perfectionist in me kicks into overdrive. I will just work, work, work while neglecting my basic needs like drinking lots of water, taking breaks, eating healthy food, exercising and of course, sleep. I know this pattern all too well. Yet, I still catch myself in the middle of it - usually run ragged, at around 11:13pm, trying to squeeze in one more thing to check off the "to do"list. It's craziness really. And a little more proof that I am human after all (as if I needed more evidence!). One of the many beautiful things about the way the universe works is that we always get the reminders we need just when we need them. As I was in the thick of my latest over-drive hype, we took a quick walk between rain showers to try to get some energy out of the little man. As anyone with a toddler will tell you, I use the term "walk" very loosely. Having just stopped raining, there were worms all over the sidewalk. And we got to explore, talk to and poke at every. single. one. watching a worm At first, going from my go-go-go momentum to this ridiculously slow pace was excruciating. But as it became painfully obvious that there would be no energy burning on this "walk," I was able to let go of my need for a goal to be accomplished and just enjoy the wonders of worm watching. It ended up being a highlight of the weekend and a completely necessary re-boot to my system. You gotta let go of the destination long enough to see the view from where you're standing. Geez, that's a hard one for me sometimes. As promised I wanted to share a few sneak peeks at the new little collection I'm building. It's all about nests. I have been inspired by the signs of spring popping up - even up here in the mountains. I've been really drawn to different styles of nests. It's totally fascinating! If you ever have a free moment to do a little internet searching for fun, Google "unusual bird nests." Eye candy of the natural world. Jordan Vinograd Kim nest collage progress Jordan Vinograd Kim nest collage progress After my little foray into digital collage with my Bootcamp assignments, it feels really good to just go back to my paper collages. And maybe now with a little more perspective. Thanks worms. I owe you one....
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