Jordan Vinograd Kim jello sketches

Wiggle, Jiggle, Giggle

Lately I've been busy sketching, making lots of fun background papers with my Gelli plate, scanning and creating. It feels good and energizing... I'm definitely joining the natural world in diving into spring mode! It always seems like a time of year filled with new possibilities, growth and fresh starts. As you know, I've been working hard on building my portfolio and using Lilla Roger's Assignment Bootcamp as a means to start doing so. And this month's assignment is focused on.... drum roll please........ Jello molds. If your first response was, "Seriously?" please know you are not alone. I had a really hard time diving into this one, but after some loosening up sketches, I've actually started to embrace it. And not a moment too soon! Our assignment is due this weekend. We're designing a bolt fabric collection with our wiggly creations. Here's a sneak peak at the sketches I'm starting with...Jordan Vinograd Kim jello sketches This time around, I've scanned a lot of funky paper backgrounds I made with my Gelli plate and have been using them in Photoshop to add textures to my sketches. It's a really different way of collaging for me, but I thought I'd play around with the idea a little more. So far, I really appreciate how readily you can adjust colors, brightness, saturation, etc. I also appreciate the fact that all the colors/textures I'm looking for are right there as opposed to the search I have to go through when doing traditional collage. That said, I miss the hunt and the unexpected surprises that come from having to adapt to what pieces I can find. So we'll see where this leads. Please check back to see an update on my finished work next week!
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