We are in this together.

We are in this together.

Hello friends,

Wow. As I write this we are in the early days of a global pandemic the likes of which most of us have never seen in our lifetimes. In the last few days we've watched as our world is coming to a screeching halt. People have been told to work from home. Governors have prohibited large gatherings. Events are cancelled. Schools are closed. Nearly everyone is staying at home, unsure of what the future holds and how long this will last. Within hours nearly all of my upcoming classes were cancelled or postponed. Not only did I lose the teaching opportunities, but also a significant portion of my income for the next month. Taking in the situation, I started to sink into the pit of heartbreak, worry, and fear. But then I remembered…

“Worry is just praying for what we do not want."

And this virus is a reminder that our health is a collective outcome, not an individual one. We are deeply interconnected - in sickness and in health. Our health depends more on the people around us and our environment than on our individual actions.

So what can we do? “What can I do?” I asked myself today again and again,

And the answer that came back was this - USE YOUR STRENGTHS.

I believe we need each other and each of our strengths more than ever. Ironically, it seems one of the best ways to support one another is to stay away from one another. But community is our power. So if I need to postpone of cancel all of my classes to keep my community safe, I will.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” - John Muir

I know that this community depends heavily on one another for our collective livelihoods. And we have this awesome tool of the internet. So let’s use it (and our strengths) to support one another. If we’re all looking at having a lot of time staying in our homes, let’s do what we can to support one another from there and raise the collective consciousness at the same time.

How about some live web-based art classes to create positive connection?

I feel like this is one way I can share my strengths with the world. I'll be periodically leading some FREE Instagram Live classes during the quarantine, so follow my Instagram feed for details and times. I'll also be switching a lot of my in-person classes to *live* web-based classes using Zoom. Check out my classes page for updates on what is currently available.

But this is not just a sales pitch. It's meant to be an example. This is what I do and how I am trying to adapt to the current situation to create offerings that a) support each other, and b) financially support my family.

What do you do? How can we support you?

We don’t have to be physically together to connect. We are all in this together. We will get through this with time. Watch your thoughts - keep ‘em steady.

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go." - Rumi

Do what you can to stay rooted in truth, and remember to step up and use your strengths in any way you can. Focus your attention on your intentions for each other and the earth.

With love…


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