Jordan Kim mixed media paper collage art harvest pumpkin process pic

Using Art to Create Your Space

I've been thinking a lot about how art can make or break a space. Just changing the art in a room can make a huge difference in how inviting it is and what a person can expect from that space and its inhabitants. I ran across this great quote in an article on ArtBusiness, "An original work of art reflects, enhances and sometimes even magnifies the personality of the individual who owns it." How true is that? I've been noticing the art that my friends have in their homes or the artwork hanging in our doctor's office, at the gym and in the lobby of the bank. It really sets the tone for my perception of the experience I will have before I even talk to a single person. One thing's for sure... It's subtle, but very real.
Jordan Kim foundandrewound wall clock Society6 It's teh Little Things The images you incorporate into your space can have a huge impact on the messages you are subconsciously sending yourself and others. "Its the Little Things" wall clock available here.
I've been having lots of conversations (like the one over on my Facebook page) about what kind of art draws people in. Some are drawn to rich, warm colors, earth tones and peaceful imagery. Others like minimalist art, simple, black and white pieces with a "zen" type feel. Some want to be surrounded by color and vibrant, cheerful images and affirmations. Still others feel like it's dependent on the mood or tone of the space - what art feels the most appropriate for the setting. Regardless of preference, everyone seems to agree on one thing... The art you choose for your surroundings speaks volumes. As an artist, this is fascinating. I usually make art that I would like to hang in my home. It's personal, fun, a little rustic/messy and unique. When working on a piece or collection, I also like to daydream about how someone might use this image in their home or as a gift. And now, I'm thinking more about who that person is and what they are excited about. How can I make something that could help them create a space they love? It's been a fun twist to ponder while creating. Speaking of creating, here are a couple sneak peaks at a new harvest collection I've been playing around with... Jordan Kim mixed media paper collage art harvest pumpkin process pic

Pumpkins, fruit and gourds... Oh my!

Jordan Kim mixed media collage art process picture sketches

So many ideas and so little time...

I'd love to get your two-cents on what kind of art makes a space feel inviting to you. What kind of interior spaces make your heart leap? Please share your ideas in the comments below. Thanks!

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