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True Confessions of a Paper Addict

Hello. My name is Jordan and I am a paper addict. This time of year, it becomes painfully obvious that my addiction runs deep. It goes well beyond a simple affinity for cute stationary and scrapbooking paper. No, that's just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. I collect magazines, note cards, interesting wrapping paper and even packaging if there's potential in it. But when September rolls around and even the grocery stores get in on the game, I lose virtually all will power... I'm talkin' school supplies here people. I LOVE school supplies.
school supplies composition notebooks Just look at these adorable composition books - blank pages bursting with potential!
No, I don't have school-aged kids. And no, I'm not going to school myself. I'm not even taking any online classes right now that might help justify the purchase of a notebook (or three). I simply can't help myself. The colors, the blank pages, the fun designs, matching pens, marker packs of 3,000 colors, fresh crayons with pointy tips, erasers that glow in the dark... ahhhh! It's too much for this crafty gal to resist.
school supplies markers What? A gal needs options...
At this point, it's quite clear to me (and my hubby) that I don't *need* any more art supplies. So when I inevitably succumb to the glitter and glue, I try not to flaunt my purchases. I find a quiet moment alone in my studio. There, I crack open the cellophane wrappers and soak up the joy of drawing that first line with a fresh crayon across the gleaming white page.
school supplies crayons Don't you just love the names of all the colors? In my next life I want to be a crayon color namer.
Ahhh.... Is there anything better? So there it is. I said it. It's all true, friends. I'm hoping I'm not the only one secretly petting the Post-it notes and day planners and drooling over the latest pen grip designs. Tell me you are also collecting pencils and stashing away heart-shaped paper-clips for a rainy day too? There's no reason to hide it, people. Let's hold our heads high and our 3-prong folders open for the world to see! I say, let's own our school supply lust and give other paper addicts out there an opportunity to unite and celebrate together in this special time of year. Enjoy, my friends!
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