Summer Nature Art Camps!

Summer Nature Art Camps!

Hello friend,

Here we are again! It's Nature Art Camp season! My super talented bestie, Anna Diem, and I have dreamt up another week of art and activities for a bunch of kiddos to foster connection with the natural world and each other. Honestly, we have so much fun scheming about the theme for this summer's camp and how we've weave all the lessons Nature has to teach us into a week of fun. And also it's a TON of work. But we really love it.

We are reminded again and again that we set the stage and then we have to let go to a certain extent. We ebb and flow with the dynamic of the group - what strikes their interests and what doesn't. While we design the weeks to be the same, they are all a little different just because of what each group of kids brings to the table. It's so fun, and also it requires a certain level of release and allowing. We can't hold too tightly to our plans if we want the magic to happen.

Creative play is so healthy. You can actually see kids come alive throughout the week as if they were plants being watered by the encouragement to explore, play, create, and imagine to their heart's content.

Here are just a few more highlights from the week. Just look at these sweet happy faces! And we still have two more weeks to go! ** If you would like to get your kiddos involved, we still have ONE space available for the week of July 17-21 and FIVE spaces available the week of July 24-28. Register today! **

Whether you get to send your kids to a camp like this one, or get to attend an adult retreat your creative soul will thank you. I'd be honored if you'd join me for one of my camps, retreats, or classes. It's always so nourishing.

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Happy Summer!

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