Summer Camp Season!

Summer Camp Season!

Hello friends,

It's summer camp season! We just finished our first week of camp and boy, did we have a blast!

This year's camps are focused on the food web. Each day we are embodying a different creature at a different level in the food web to get a good understanding on just how inter-connected we all are. We start with the sun and plants and move our way up to apex predators.

What better way to explore these concepts than through imaginative play, creativity, and collaboration? We start the day by introducing a topic, (maybe donning a pair of antennae if that's what it takes ?), and getting up close and personal with the natural world.

Then of course we make some art. A lot of the time we incorporate collaborative play and story telling into our creative process. It always makes things more fun. (Just look at all those animal tracks! Must be a popular watering hole.). We encourage a wide age group of participants because it emulates a community. We learn to work together to support each other wherever we may be with our skills and understanding.

Then of course, we play with our creations! The campers have had such a blast flapping their colorful wings, going on migrations, and sharing their stories when they return.

If you didn't get a chance to join us for Nature Art Camp this summer, we have another opportunity coming this fall! We're hoping to offer this type of classes/play experiences this fall after school at the Mt. Hood Town Hall. Stay tuned for updates!

With love and gratitude,


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