Jordan Kim Studio remodel

Studio Remodel!

Hello friends! So you may have noticed some big changes around here lately. Yep, January has been dedicated to clearing out the cobwebs and setting the stage for some serious art making this year. The first two steps were to give my website and studio space facelifts. I'm proud to unveil both to you all! I feel like my website has been a work in progress both in my technical learning curve (steep!) and really defining its purpose. I've buckled down and gotten much clearer on both this month. Thanks to some YouTube videos, many WordPress forums and the friendly folks at, I've managed to revamp the site to be *hopefully* more user-friendly as well as a little more representative of me, my art and my journey. I've also taken some time to redefine what Found & Rewound really means to me in light of this new chapter in my life as a mother. I see Found & Rewound taking off in a new direction to capture the journey I'm undertaking to "find and live my truths through motherhood and art." You can read more about my story and intentions for this site over here. Like any creation, I see this site growing along with me, so please check back often to watch for new updates, tweaks and posts as I go along. If you'd like to stay in touch, I'd be honored if you join my mailing list.
Jordan Kim Studio remodel The new studio work space. Love the twinkle lights!
Jordan Kim studio remodel The "Wall of Wisdom" filling up with inspiration.
And the studio! Ahhhh! I really can't tell you how happy I am with how it is turning out! If you saw it before you'd know that it was more than a little drab. It's in a little room in our shop. We live in the mountains, so it's chilly in there and even with space heaters, it has been like working in a garage for a while now. The walls were white, the spiders were taking up residence in my paint brushes and the window trim was unfinished (little unfinished details like that drive me nuts!). So I did some serious dust busting, washed walls, painted them, added twinkle lights (what wonders those little lights can do to warm up a space) and finished the window trim (thanks to my hubby!). And we are working on improving the heat situation. And the result - I totally LOVE it!
Jordan Kim studio magnet boards Magnet photo boards made from cookie!
Here are a few more pics of the highlights. I have a "Wall of Wisdom" white board that I am filling with all kinds of great inspiration, quotes, etc. I plan to add a little easel and art space for our little man to join me when he's a tad older. (That's why we hung the white board so low - so he can add his wisdom as well). Another feature I am totally infatuated with at the moment is my little magnet boards for posting ideas, photos to work from, inspiration, love notes, etc. I just got some super-cheap cookie sheets and hung them on the wall. I grabbed a pack of 50 basic black magnets and glued some glass beads on them for some quick, cheap and cute magnets and Voila! Instant art walls. I think these might be the highlight of the remodel for me. I'm really loving how they keep all the little pieces visible, but organized.
Jordan Kim Studio remodel magnet boards I loved these round pizza baking sheets too. The round ones worked really well to break up the space between the windows.
So that's it. Hope you enjoyed the tour. I find myself getting excited about getting to spend time in my studio rather than dreading heading out to that less-than-inspiring space to create. I've come to realize and respect what a difference your environment can make. I'm so so so looking forward to making lots of art out there this year. The creative juices are already flowing... I've got some exciting projects in the works. So stay tuned for more updates soon! xo Jordan
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