Jordan Kim Love Like The Ocean wall clock

Simple Artful Home Decor Uplifts and Inspires

My hubby is a minimalist. He likes things tidy and simple. Although I wouldn't consider myself messy, I do have a tendency to save treasures, including (but not limited to) paper, natural things (rocks, feathers, sea glass, colorful leaves, etc.), and ephemera from memorable moments (ticket stubs, postcards, letters, etc.). You get the idea. While I still have my little collections, I've grown to really appreciate the freedom and simplicity of having an uncluttered home. One of the things I've learned to love the most is that we've made a conscious decision to have high quality, simple, artful home decor. While being selective about home decor can feel limiting at first, ultimately it means we are surrounded by beautiful, meaningful, unique art and home accents that uplift and inspire us. I'd love to say I thought about this a lot with my new water collection. But the truth is I tried to let go of what would be marketable, what is on trend and what collections I should be making and just let this collection flow out of me instead. As is often the case, the result surprised me. And I love how well many of the images have translated on products. If you're looking for some simple, unique, artful home decor that uplifts and inspires here are a few of my favorite products available now in my Society6 shop featuring my water collection.
Jordan Kim Meander- Simple throw pillow These artful pillows are some of my favorites. They are available in different finishes for indoor or outdoor use. Though inspired by a meandering river, image is just enough abstract art to fit in nearly any room and the natural colors would complement nearly any wall color. Fun! Available here.
Jordan Kim Love Like The Ocean wall clock Simple, colorful and a subtle inspiring message "I've got love like an ocean in my soul." What a sweet little way to add a little smile to your day whenever you check the time. Available here.
Jordan Kim Go With The Flow iPhone case Not exactly home decor, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway. :-) This one could be a subtle reminder to go with the flow each time you pick up your phone. This abstract image was inspired by the swirling eddies and currents in a river. Available here.
Jordan Kim Every Drop Connects Us Rug This lovely floor rug comes in several sizes. It would make a perfect deep blue accent to an entry way or bath. The subtle message "every drop connects us" acts as a simple reminder that water is a precious resource upon which we all depend. Available here.
Jordan Kim Peace Like a River Mug This little mug makes me smile. I think it would be such a lovely home accent for a beach house or riverside retreat. The message reads "I've got peace like a river in my soul." Available here.
Jordan Kim Trust Yoru Instincts Tote Bag Again, not quite home decor, but another unique, artful accent. This durable tote comes in several different sizes and features an inspiring message to you or the person in line behind you at the supermarket "Trust your instincts. You're stronger than you think." Available here.
These are just a few highlights, but there are many more home decor products available over in my Society6 shop. So please swing by and check it out the next time you're looking for a simple, unique complement to your artful home.
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