Simple pleasures

I started back to work this month and am trying to find space and time to create as well. Doing this on top of being a new Uhma is proving to be more challenging than I could have ever imagined. I feel pulled in a million different directions and sometimes find it hard to slow down enough to listen to my heart's whispers. It's at these moments when I try to really notice the simple things. The small little moments that bring peace and joy. Mother Nature's simple way of gently reminding us to be present for the journey - not the destination. I came across this blog called Hands Free Mama and it really spoke to me about the impact our thoughts and behavior can have on our children and the value of being in the moment rather than trying to do it all. It always comes back to this - BALANCE - in everything I do. I tend to drive myself really hard to accomplish it all, striving for perfection and super-human capacities for endurance and achievement all along the way. The universe has a way of slowing you down and reminding you to find balance amidst even the best of intentions. I find that our little Isaac is an amazing teacher of the virtue of presence. Babies are always present. They are always in the now. Growing up is all about the journey and life's simple pleasures.
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