Jordan Kim vintage ink bottle collage

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Mama always said, "Mind your P's and Q's!" (Funny - I just now thought about how it should be 'Mind your P's and T's', but I digress...) Today my hubby and I were trying to explain to lil' man why it's important to say thank you when someone does something for you. Yes, I know explaining gratitude to a toddler is somewhat futile, but we figure you just never know when something you say might click. It got me thinking how important it really is to not only say thank you to each other, but also to the universe and ourselves. To take a moment to pause and give thanks. It brings so much abundance to your life doesn't it? So I just want to take this moment to say thank you to you. I have no idea how many of you are out there actually taking the time to read this little blog of mine, but for those of you that do, thank you so much. I really appreciate you caring about my art and the gal behind it. Last week in Lilla Land we were focused on the scrapbooking market. The theme we were given was vintage ink bottles. It turned out to be a really fun subject matter to dive into. Here are some photos of my process...
Jordan Kim Ink Bottle sketches I started with some ink and Speedball tips that I inherited from my grandmother.
Jordan Kim vintage ink bottle collage Then came sketches and collage fun...
Jordan Kim vintage ink bottle collage I just loved the shape of this vintage ink bottle and had to do a collage of it too.
Jordan Kim vintage ink bottle collage green Here's my final little "Ink-credibly Green" collage ink bottle.
This week's market is editorial. I'll be working up something focused on our beautiful little town. Thanks again for checking in friends. I'll see you next week!
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