Reflection and Hope

At the end of each year I always find myself full of reflection. It's usually sort of a melancholy time of year for me... It's cold (I prefer to be warm) and usually snowy (I prefer the sun - though I think the snow is pretty - just not under my car's tires). So I'm usually spending a lot of time inside, huddled by the fire and sort of digesting all that happened in the last year. It's a good time to process what has come and of course start dreaming of what the new year will bring.

I know this is a familiar process for many of us at this time of year. Some years we come skidding into the end with a few scraped knees, snotty nose and dirty brow saying, "Phew! Glad I made it through that one!" Other years are like this one was for me... AMAZING! And you get to the end just beaming from ear to ear. I seriously can't remember another year where I felt so full and happy and alive and so so so grateful. We found out that I was pregnant on December 28th, 2011 and 2012 was a year dedicated to bringing a new amazing little life into this world. There are simply no words to describe it. I find myself sitting here just basking in the glow of parenthood... yes, it's no easy experience, but I am overwhelmed by the love and gratitude I feel.

The whole experience of pregnancy and now parenthood has brought me closer to my inherent self - the core, basic, connected-to-everything, instinctual me - than I had ever experienced before. No matter what you believe about a higher being or our life energy, going through process like pregnancy and birth is at the same time the most natural thing on earth and massively transformative. It changes you forever - physically, mentally and spiritually. And I am struck by how beautifully that process strips you down to your most basic self. The ego has to fall away. Things that used to matter just don't seem all that important any more. It really reminds you of what is actually important - love, laughter, family, food, health, gratitude ... and sleep is nice too. ;-)

And so I am looking at 2013 with a heart full of hope. Hope for our new little man and all the growth and adventure he will experience. Hope for our family. And hope for my little art business. I feel humbled and empowered all at once. So excited for the adventures, learning and laughter that lies ahead!

And of course, I wish you all the opportunities to come alive in whatever way does it for you. Cheers to a year filled with peace, love, laughter and CREATIVITY!

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