Quiet Transformation

Quiet Transformation

Hello friends,

How are you? As always seems to happen this time of year, I am feeling quieter and more contemplative lately. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you probably know that I am constantly looking for opportunities to deepen my connection to and understanding of the rhythms in nature. I want to feel and know my place in this amazing world and I find that autumn is my prime time to do this.

I wrote a bit about this in this blog post last year.

In autumn, true magic becomes possible. The magic of releasing long held burdens. The magic of finding brave new directions. The magic of making connections with your ancestors, the loved ones who have passed, and all the invisible currents of energy running through the earth. In autumn, everything you’ve been working on comes to full harvest and powerful transformations tend to take place as that first frost settles in. Autumn is a gift that completes a cycle so a whole new era can begin.

I’m feeling it all in a little different way this year. I feel the release – the shedding of my leaves – that which no longer serves me. Some years it has felt like a sigh of relief to drop some burdens, but this year, it feels like a gentle setting down and a grateful bow to those things that have run their course. We moved and we said goodbye and gave thanks to our sweet home that held us for the last five years. I’ve also decided to let go of virtual classes for kids. It is clear folks are ready to move back to in-person classes, and I’ve not been ready yet. So, I’ve gotten quiet and gone inward to listen for a bit. Fall reminds us that sometimes you have to let things decompose a bit before you can really use their gold.

Autumn’s retreat to the stillness of winter is not wasted time.

Rest is critical. And important work is done in the quiet. Processing, digesting, regeneration, listening, and deep growth happen in this time of going inward. Powerful transformations can happen when one seems outwardly still.

So I’ve been doing lots of creating in this quieter time. I feel very inspired and ideas are brewing for future projects that I look forward to sharing with you soon. My kiddo was just able to get his first COVID-19 vaccination. I was surprised by how much gratitude and relief I felt when he got it. It is not a silver bullet, but it does give him a much better shield. And I feel like this is a step towards me leading in-person events again in the new year.

For now, I am taking my cues from the natural world. I am allowing myself time to rest and retreat inward for another month or so. Then I will slowly start to unfurl into the world again in new ways in the new year!

Whether through engaging with my artwork, or participating in a class, here are some of the offerings that I’m sharing at this time:

Handmade Holiday MarketMt. Hood Town Hall – Sunday, December 5th from 10am - 4pm - Shop handmade goods from local vendors (like me!), visit with Santa, and get your Christmas tree!

2022 Wall Calendar – inspirational images around nature and connection for the whole year!

Boxed Winter Greeting Card Sets – all winter and nature themed, non-denominational, blank inside

Sometimes it takes some guidance to connect creatively. I would LOVE to start connecting in-person again in 2022. This is my *tentative plan* for classes. Please watch my classes page for regular updates on when I officially open registration:

*Virtual* Intuitive Nature Collage Class – In partnership with TreeSong Nature Awareness and Retreat Center, January 8th from 9am -12pm PST *REGISTRATION OPEN NOW*

Kids Art and Nature Play Date for *vaccinated* 5-11 year olds – 6 week series! - Tuesdays from 3:00-4:30pm PST at the Mt Hood Town Hall starting January 11th **We’ll work in some extra cushion (make up dates) should we need to cancel or reschedule due to weather. *REGISTRATION OPENING SOON*

Art Night OUT - for *vaccinated* adults – Fri. January 21st and Friday, February 18th from 5-8pm at the Mt. Hood Town Hall *REGISTRATION OPENING SOON*

I would love it if one of these offerings (or several) speaks to you and helps you connect to your inner truth and the natural wisdom of the world. My deepest joy is to nourish your creative soul and inspire you to take action in your own life.

With love and gratitude.

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