Oh, the irony of winter.

Oh, the irony of winter.

Hello friend,

The craziness of the holidays are upon us, but so is the quietude of winter. It always strikes me as a strange dichotomy. And it's even harder to navigate the internal push/pull of this season. So I wrote about it in this playful post. Maybe you can releate...

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Oh, the irony of a busy winter.

For at least the past couple months

I keep having this nagging sensation that I'm missing something.

But I'm doing so much. What could I possibly be missing?

Each morning I check my To Do List,

(which seems to grow overnight no matter how much I do the previous day).

I make a plan and get after it, frantically checking things off my list.

I scurry from my car into schools and businesses,

teaching lessons, delivering orders, setting up and taking down markets.

And everywhere I go, the cold wind seems to nip at my nose like a puppy wanting to play.

The icy rain tries to give my ears a “Wet Willy” before I can pull my hat down over them.

What's the deal wet, icy, wind? What do you want from me?

Can't you see I'm busy?

On a trip out to my shed for an extra extension cord,

the dead plants seemed to grab onto my legs like a child wanting a ride.

“I don't have time for this,” I say as I rip their grasping shoots from my pants.

I grab the cord and repeat the process in reverse,

clambering my way back to the house.

A friend invites me for a walk in the woods.

This really is one of my most favorite activities,

but I'm so busy, this walk will have to be quick.

However, the mud has different plans.

It sucks on to my boots with the death grip.

Slurping me down like magnets to the earth.

Gah. Now I’m late AND a mess.

And I still feel like I’m missing something…

There’s a fire in the fireplace.

I’m drawn to it’s warm light like a moth.

It’s a little ball of summer – light and heat –

pulling me into its hypnotic dancing flame.

It implores me to stay – “Be cozy and still.”

No, I can’t.

There are presents to wrap, and orders to fill, and emails to send.

Plus, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m missing something.

I want FAT.

I am craving calories.

We just got another delivery of cookies from neighbors.

How many have I had today? Plus, there was the hot chocolate and pie, and…

Ugh. I need to get out of the kitchen.

But I also need to make some desserts in return.

And figure out what it is that I’m missing!

Why is everyone hell-bent on fattening me up and slowing me down?!?


Hello winter.

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