Doesn't it seem like the universe sometimes resorts to hitting you over the head with the lessons you are meant to learn, but aren't? You know, you get busy with your head down, focused only on your agenda, to-do lists and goals. You're so checked out of the "now" that you're missing all of the subtle lessons and wisdoms that the universe is tossing your way. In that situation, I feel like the universe lets out a sigh of frustration and says, "Well I guess I'm going to have to make it so obvious, she can't ignore me" and just lays it on real thick. Well, that's what has happened to be recently. I've been so busy at work and home that I have just been on auto-pilot, survival mode. I finally had some time to work in my studio and started going through my magazine stash pulling material for a new piece, but I didn't get too far. I just kept being drawn to cut out words instead of my usual "tear-and-go" style of gathering color swatches and textures. All the words/phases I was drawn to were things like 'living fully', 'truth', 'listen', 'soulful', 'acceptance', 'let go of expectations', 'imperfect', 'laughing freely', 'wholehearted', etc. I just let it flow and by the end of the studio time, I hadn't done any art at all... but I had finally taken the time to let my heart tell me what it had to say and listen to what the universe was trying to get me to notice. As if that weren't enough, then today I had about three different reminders about the importance of slowing down, letting go of expectations, and noticing the little things. Okay, okay. I guess that's the message right now. So I better listen up. I'm off to just relax and recoup a little. Hope you all do the same! And if you get a wild hair and want to comment below, let us know something beautiful you noticed when you slowed down and listened. Thanks!
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