Jordan Kim folk art partyu paper plate and napkin design

New Art, New Logo

Hi there! You may have noticed I was M.I.A. last week. Well, little man's grandma came to visit and I chose family time when I could have chosen blog time. It was a good time to soak up the joy of grandma/grandson indulgence. Doesn't get much better than watching your parent enjoy your child so much, does it? Ahhh... All was not quiet on the art front though. The final weeks of Make Art That Sells wrapped up and I was busy creating. One week was devoted to the Editorial market. We were told to design a map of our town. This was a lot of fun since I LOVE where we live. Here's what I cam up with for that assignment...Jordan Kim mixed media collage Parkdale, Oregon  map The last week was devoted to the party paper market. We were told to design a paper plate and napkin collection using a folk art theme. I doodled a lot in good ol' fashioned felt tip markers, scanned in those doodles and cleaned them up in Photoshop. This one was a little rushed, but I had fun with the theme. I think I will revisit my designs and expand on this when I get a chance... Jordan Kim folk art partyu paper plate and napkin design I'd love to get your feedback if you're willing. As you know, I'm still new to the world of art licensing, so I'm trying to make like a sponge and soak it all up - the successes, the challenges, the lessons, the journey. A little side project I've been working on is revamping my logo. In listening and reading about marketing and trademarking your brand, it seems I need a simple, reproducible logo. I've not been totally satisfied with the logo I'm using now, so I've been working up some new ideas. Here's the one I keep coming back to. What do you think? Jordan Kim Found & Rewound logo Again, I'd really welcome your feedback. Is it clear, clean, recognizable? Does it reflect my style of mixed media collage (using one image to create another)? Please leave your comments below. Thanks!
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