New Art, New Classes and New Awareness

New Art, New Classes and New Awareness

Hello friends,

Have you noticed how we seem to be suspended in animation at the moment? I've talked to a lot of people who have lost their sense of time, progress feels halted, and there is a real feeling of groundlessness. I certainly feel it too. My work tends to be very seasonal and cyclical. I go through times of creating, then administration, and marketing. Rinse and repeat.

Right now, the cycle is still moving forward for me, though at a weird stilted pace. Since I am spending my days with our son, I am working at night and trying to cram in as much as I can whenever I get a moment. So while the pattern is there, the natural rhythm and pace is not. So I too feel the dis-ease.

Thanks to a couple of long weekend father-son trips, my incredibly supportive hubby has made it possible for me to wrap up my 2021 calendar and plan out my fall class offerings! So I am grateful and delighted to be able to reveal all of that goodness to you today!

Drum roll please....

2021 Wall Calendar

This year's calendar is unlike any other that I've made in that it tells a story. (I have dreams of turning into a children's book at some point.) Of course each image works as a stand-alone collage. But the when taken as a whole by the careful observer, the calendar guides you through the deep interconnectedness of humans, the landscape, and all of its inhabitants. It is meant to convey just how much we depend on one another and how our actions - big and small - impact one another. It is a message of hope (we are all in this together after all), and a message of responsibility - we belong to one another. Obviously, I was deeply inspired by this unprecedented time we find ourselves living in at the moment. And I hope the messages woven into each piece convey a deep love, respect, and hope for our planet and our future.

To check out all of the new images, head on over to the gallery.

Virtual Art Classes for Kids

In keeping with this theme of honoring our connection to one another and the natural world, I am leading some exciting new classes for kids this fall.

Virtual Nature Art Play Date

Every Wednesday starting on September 23rd, I will be hosting a Nature Art *Virtual* Play Date from 3-4:30pm PST. This class will be like a mini version of Nature Art Camp. We will meet virtually using Zoom for a creative play date to do a unique art project that incorporates social/emotional learning and lessons on the natural world. You can sign your child(ren) up for one, many, or all of the dates! Each week's project and focus will be different. Every class will use a playful, engaging, and supportive tone. We place the highest value on curiosity, the creative journey, and taking risks over achieving an expected outcome or finished product. Most projects will have some extension component that can be done independently once class is over. Attendees will not know what the project is ahead of time, but can trust it to be a completely unique, fun, STEAM-type creative experience. Interested? Get more info and register over here.

Virtual 3-part Art Series Classes for Kids

On Monday afternoons from 3-4pm PST, I'll be leading three 3-part series art classes for 7-12 year olds. We'll be exploring three different techniques emulating three different art styles including Delaunay concentric circles, Kusama dot pumpkins, and pen and watercolor illustrations. These series are designed to introduce your child(ren) to some new avenues for creative play that they can carry well beyond this project. Get more info about each of the class series right over here.

Art Classes & Retreats for Adults

I haven't forgotten about adults in all of my fall planning. We need the soul-level support and creative nourishment just as much as the kiddos. So I've come up with several virtual offerings to support your self-care as well.

Art Nights

I'm continuing with the virtual Art Nights every month through November. Each one will have a different focus, but all of them will provide opportunities for creative play, connection, and self-care. Dates are: Sept. 18, Oct. 16, and Nov. 13. Get more info and register here.

October Connection *Virtual* Retreat

A virtual retreat? Yep. I've decided to make my October retreat virtual. How does that work? Well, we're going to meet off and on throughout the day via Zoom. But in the in-between times, you'll be on your own to follow through with prompts, activities, and self-reflection. You'll be encouraged to find a space outside to balance out the screen time and truly give yourself a day of restoration and renewal. I hope you will join me. You can find more details and register right over here.

My deepest hope is that these creations support you in some way. Even if it's small. I would love to know that my artwork, class, or both have made your day a little easier. We belong to each other. And I am so grateful for all you are doing every day to keep moving forward in this wild world. Keep on keeping on.

With love and gratitude,


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