New Art!

Hooray! It seems like I have been waiting forever to get to share my new work with you! And today is the day!!! I wanted to make sure everything was just right before I unveiled my new work. I found a fantastic new printer and am now proud to offer super high quality prints and cards on recycled, matte cardstock. As for the new designs, you'll notice I still have my unique paper collage elements and now they are coupled with some typography, mixed media backgrounds, and a few digital doodle elements that add some fun and depth. Since I have been teasing you for so long already, without further ado, here they are... seven new pieces that I am oh so proud to share with you today!

I am trying out a new way of creating my collages. I make all of the collage elements traditionally, but separately and scan them into Photoshop where I assemble them digitally. It's a fun way to work that gives me lots of freedom to try different arrangements of the collage components and play around with designs. So fun!

Jordan Kim, mixed media art, paper collage, cut paper, slow down for miracles, notice, inspirational art Slow down and notice all the little miracles. Prints and cards are available here.
cool wall art, inspirational art, blue eggs, nest, bird art, blue art, art for blue walls, aqua art, Jordan Kim, paper art It's the Little Things, no? Prints and cards available here.

I just love those little blue eggs. Wouldn't it be such a treat to find a little nest with treasures like that inside?

Jordan Kim, mixed media art, honey bee art, paper collage, eco art, garden art, inspirational art Often it's the littlest things that make the biggest impact. Print and cards of this image available here.
Jordan Kim, coffee pictures, honey bees, coffee, gift for coffee lover, flowers, gardener, mixed media collage, paper art Savor your morning buzz. Prints and cards are available here.

These two are in tribute to the amazing honeybee. I am so fascinated by those little creatures. I will definitely try my hand at beekeeping before I die.

We have a new flock of hens and they just make me smile all the time. Have you seen a chicken run? It's hard not to giggle.

Jordan Kim, mixed media art, collage, recycled paper collage, cute paper art, chicken text art, hens, backyard chickens, chicken art Hens make me happy. Prints and cards are available here.
Garden like you mean it! Prints and cards are available here. Garden like you mean it! Prints and cards are available here.

I'll admit it. While I love a beautiful flower garden. I'm a veggie garden gal. I feel like if you're going to put all the energy into gardening, I'd like to eat the fruits of my labor. I thought this print could make a really sweet gift for a gardener.

Jordan Kim, sowing seeds, grow, garden, gifts for gardeners, cool art, art prints Make like a seed and grow! Prints and cards are available here.

As you can see, I am always inspired by the natural world and I love how the minute you immerse yourself in it, you are immediately rewarded with amazing moments and lessons.

I'd love to know what you think of this new style. Please drop me a line or leave a note in the comments below! Thanks!

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