Navigating Our New Normal

Navigating Our New Normal

Hello dear friends,

How are you? I have been thinking about you lots and wondering what life looks like for you. What does your "new normal" look like?

I feel like I am slowly learning to see all over again - looking at the world through new eyes. With these eyes I am navigating our new normal. I am feeling my way through the daily uncertainties, slowly starting to accept that this disorienting dis-ease in my heart is the new normal. I'm learning that discomfort and dis-ease has been normal for lots of people for a long time while I've enjoyed relative ease. I'm unfolding, peeling back layers upon layers - looking inward. I am listening. And I am relearning everyday how to live in this transformative stage of life we find ourselves in.

"I spin a shroud about the past, sink within to primordial places, where I dissolve and resolve, rearrange my very molecules, and imagine myself flying." - Unknown

And one of the only things I feel relatively certain about these days is that the changes are gonna keep on flowing for a while. We need to give ourselves and each other some time and some grace.

I don't have answers, but I feel a strong pull to engage with my creativity and intuition.

It’s been said that creativity and intuition are different aspects of the same energy and that really resonates with me. I often find my connection to one through the other. When our exposure to creativity is low, our connection to intuition can be shut off. And when our intuition feels off, we can be overly judgmental about what we are creating or have rigid expectations for our creations.

This is why I believe honoring the connection between intuition and creativity is an essential element for experiencing our divine, natural gifts in a physical way.

It is so easy to let stress, responsibilities and uncertainty pull us out of the rhythm of enjoying the dynamic of this power couple. But it’s at precisely these moments when we can benefit most from a gentle practice to get them back in step with each other in simple, mindful ways.

Expanding our connection with our intuitive gifts is easier than we realize. It’s more about awakening and honoring the subtle things already in our life, rather than crafting an intricate plan or routine to follow. After all, that’s not how intuition or creativity works. Their presence is always there, but needs to be noticed to make the biggest impact on our path and wake us up to the wisdom within.

Classes for connection

To support you in this transformative time, I am committed - now more than ever - to providing *virtually accessible* creative art classes for kids and adults. I am learning more and more about the process of "intuitive creating" and this is where my heart is calling me to go with my instruction. Of course, I will continue leading classes that weave in mixed media art techniques and process guidance as well, but there will always be an underlying message around creating with the EASE that comes from following intuition.

Upcoming classes include:

July Art Night In - July 18th 4-7pm PST - Register here!

August Nature Art Camp - Aug. 10-14 - Info and Registration Here!

And many more developments in the works for once the school year begins... Stay tuned!

Until then, please reach out if your intuition calls you to do so - I'm always happy to work with you one-on-one as well.

With love and gratitude.

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