Nature Art Camps!

Nature Art Camps!

Hello friend,

It's Nature Art Camp time! Every spring my super talented bestie, Anna Diem, and I start scheming about what we'll do for the summer camps we run. And slowly the magic starts to happen. We dream and build and design and plan. Then we PREP. And finally, July rolls around and we get to see our creation come to life. It's dreamy. We get to spend our days making things and engaging kiddos in creative play ALL DAY and get paid for it.

Yes, it is a TON of work, but we love it.

I love the way we get to weave together our connections to the natural world and each other through creative play and exploration. Kids just "get it" so easily. They are so open to new ideas and information. And they have endless ways of connecting ideas together. One of our kiddos this week explaimed:

"Look! A heart is really just two water drops kissing!"

Creative play is so healthy. You can actually see kids come alive throughout the week as if they were plants being watered by the encouragement to explore, play, create, and imagine to their heart's content.

Here are just a few more highlights from the week. Just look at these sweet happy faces! And we still have a whole 'nother week to go! Wheee!

Whether you get to send your kids to a camp like this one, or get to attend an adult retreat your creative soul will thank you. I'd be honored if you'd join me for one of my camps, retreats, or classes. It's always so nourishing.

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Happy Summer!

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