My Commitment to the Planet

My Commitment to the Planet

Hello friends,

As our world seems to be opening back up, we are facing a new set of challenges. We are deciding what to let back into our lives, what we feel safe doing, what we don't, and just how much do we want to take on again. Have we evolved from this global crisis? In what ways have we been changed?

For me, a big change has been the pace of life. Before the pandemic, life was full and fast. During the pandemic, it slowed waaaay down and was much less scheduled. I have been reminded of how important unencumbered time spent with the natural world is to me. And to honor this, I am doubling down on my commitment to caring for the planet.

I LOVE love paper— and I love repurposing paper in my artwork. But I also print reproductions on paper, and use a lot of paper as a business owner. And I am deeply aware of the impact that producing products and selling items through e-commerce has on the environment. Over the years I have taken many steps to minimize this impact, but this year I am feeling inspired to take it all to the next level. I am doubling down on my commitment to reducing Found & Rewound's footprint and trying to make change for the better. Here are some of the measures I am taking...


I am dedicated to using sustainable paper sources for all of my printing. All of my products - cards, prints, and calendar are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. This means that the source material has already been used for its original intended purpose by individuals, households or commercial facilities, and has been reclaimed for recycling and processed chlorine-free. The paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The paper I use for invoicing, cover letters, and all other business uses is 100% tree-free and carbon neutral. It contains 100% recycled content - made entirely from bagasse recycled sugarcane waste fiber. Bagasse is the fiber residue left after sugar has been extracted from the plant, thereby truly maximizing resources. It is fully recyclable and can be composted as well.

Packaging and Plastics

Aside from packing tape, I have now eliminated plastics from my operation. I no longer sleeve any of my products in traditional cellophane sleeves. When needed, I use polylactic acid (PLA)-based bio-plastic sleeves. PLA is a compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars - in my case, corn. I am well-aware that there are other environmental issues around using bioplastics too. This is why possible, I opt not to use any plastics - bio or not.

Orders are mailed in 100% recycled (50% post-consumer) and recyclable kraft mailers.

Going Carbon Neutral

I offset my personal carbon footprint with the Wren Climate Fund. Project Wren allows you to use their carbon calculator and subscribe to corresponding offsets. (Whenever someone signs up from my link, Project Wren will offset a bonus ton of CO2 for you, and another one for me.

Found & Rewound supporters offset their CO2 emissions on Wren. Their collective impact is visualized in the Wren Impact Forest. When new members join the Group, the forest grows! Here's my referral link to join. When someone new signs up to the group, Wren will protect an extra 5 acres of rainforest for each of us.

The Wren Climate Fund includes rainforest protection, reforestation, tree planting and clean-burning stoves for refugees in Uganda.

Art and Education

Of course all of this boils down to a deep-seated commitment to my mission - honoring our connection to each other and the natural world. I believe that one of the best ways to make the biggest impact in the realm of environmental conservation is to inspire people to take actions in their own lives. Because when we really get down to it, we are all in this together and it will take a collective community of engagement to make meaningful changes.

I believe people are inspired to take action when they experience deep connection to the natural world. Everyone has felt this in one way or another, but often they are pulled away from this by the busyness of life. Maybe this has changed for you too during the pandemic. Maybe you too have been reminded of the importance of a reciprocal relationship with the natural world. My deepest hope is that my artwork and classes can serve as a regular reminder of this truth - we belong to each other and this planet. We owe it to ourselves to care deeply for it and each other.

Thank you for your continued support. I promise to continue looking for ways to improve my operation for the betterment of all and this beautiful planet that sustains us.

With love and gratitude,


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