Makin' Art

Makin' Art

Hello friends, Just a quick update today to share a few highlights from around here lately. I've been BUSY! Making art, leading others as they make art, and making some big moves toward a giant leap I'm about to take!

In mid June, I did my last art residency of the school year with WyEast Middle Schoolers.

We made paper! So fun - and they made some really gorgeous designs!

I have been working really, really hard on wrapping up the images for my 2019 calendar.

Here are some glimpses at works in progress....

Phew! Lots and lots of studio time...

In late June I led a fabulous group of women through a collage project at my first Art Night Out event.

We had a blast!! And they made some gorgeous art!

Ladies creating, enjoying some vino, listening to some tunes, and enjoying each other. So fun!

Student work - amazing, right?

So good...

Check out these clouds! Mama Nature never ceases to inspire...

In early July I started digital assembly of all of the components that I made using traditional collage techniques (scissors, glue, paper) and then scanned into Photoshop. This is where I build all the final designs for my 2019 calendar using layers and layers of imagery.

TA DA! The 2019 calendars have been shipped off to the printers this week! Available for pre-order! Snag your copy today!

And finally, if you're wondering about my big moves towards a giant leap I'm planning... After many many years of hard work building up to it, I am going to make the big leap to do my art full time!!! I will be starting this adventure in September after a much needed break in August. It feels GINORMOUS, exciting, scary, exhilarating, and incredibly right. More to come on this new chapter...
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