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Make Art That Sells- Week 4

This week's market for the Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells class was Wall Art. It was a great assignment for a lot of reasons. This week she had us really limit our color pallet which was a great exercise for me given that I tend to go for a lot of colors. It really helped me focus in on all the variations in each color and find ones that worked. Also, we worked in collage! This was of course a nice "break" for me as that is my medium of choice. So it made for a simpler week - definitely well within my comfort zone. That being said, I did try to stretch my wings both in the color limitations, adding words and working in "abstract" forms - not really my M.O. I was really pleased with how smoothly things flowed this week and I had a lot of fun doing it. I found that I wasn't stressed about the outcome and gave myself permission to just let go and see what turned up. It was nice and I think the final piece reflects that process. Speaking of process... I tried to take some process pictures this week. As you'll see, I was better about it at the beginning and sort of got wrapped up in the process later on and forgot to document! Ooops! But at least you can see how I started.... lots of layers, as always: Canvas_Early I started by gluing down scraps of these awesome old prescriptions (hand-written) that I got from a friend whose father was a pharmacist at an old compounding pharmacy way back in the day. So crazy! Fun to see what was being prescribed back then. Woah...Paper_CloseUp

Then I added some vintage sewing patterns over top. I love the texture that tissue paper adds to a collage.



Next I added a few splashes of paint here and there and covered the whole thing with a thin coat of gesso.


I started adding some more color with fluid acrylics and letting them dribble down the canvas. And sadly, this is where my documentation ended. Shoot! Sorry guys! I guess I just get so caught up in the process that I dropped my photographing progress. Ahh well. It's a glimpse into the madness. :-)

Anyway, some magic happened, lots of glue was used, my fingers got messy and I had a blast. And...VOILA! Here's the final piece:


I'd love to hear what you think. As I said, while collage is my medium, this is not my typical style. So I'm branching out and interested in feedback - positive or critical. I can take it! Thanks!

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