Jordan Vinograd Kim children's book character owl

Make Art That Sells - Week 3

It happened! The week I was most looking forward to of this course - Children's Books!!! As you may remember from my post when I decided to take this class, illustrating children's books has been a secret dream of mine for a long time. Every time I got the courage up to start looking into what it would take for real - I always got so discouraged by the information on the web telling me that you will never make a living doing art for children's books and you can submit art for years and years and never get a gig. Ugh. Well, Lilla Rogers to the rescue! I really LOVED doing the art this week. It flowed pretty freely and gave me lots of ideas for the next steps I can (and will) take to get my work in front of art directors in hopes of landing a gig one day. Here are a few sneak peaks into the art I did for a page of a children's folk tale:Birds Ivan Owl I really loved my little characters and had a blast doing it. Throughout this class I just keep thinking "Man, if I only had more than a week to crank this out, I could do so much more!" I think that is a good sign. Like many of my classmates, I'm finding the assignments to be incredibly creatively stimulating and the caliber of art my fellow classmates are doing is amazing! Totally inspired! This has been such a great experience. This week - wall art! Exciting!
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