heart stain on my shirt

Love Note From the Universe

Hello there! So nice of you to stop by... So I had an experience this past week that made me notice that a major shift has happened in my perspective. Although it started with a conscious decision, the actually change happened so subtly and gradually that I hasn't really noticed any progress. But then it happened. This sentence popped out of my mouth, "No. I can't do that because my family and my life comes first." Woah. Now if you knew me just a year or more ago, you would know how monumental this statement is. Although I knew in my heart all this time that my family and my life (what I enjoy doing - creating, gardening, music, etc.) was more important than work or tasks that other people wanted me to do for them - my actions did not always reflect those values. In fact, more often than not, I would say yes to staying late at work or yes to others' requests ALL THE TIME, even though my heart was screaming, "No! I want to go home and spend time with my hubby!" But once little man came into our world, the big shift started to happen. No more compromising on this. I'm not about to miss this time with him and I'm going to model how to say "No" so that he doesn't fall into this cycle too. Fast forward to this week and my statement. Holy smokes folks. I'm doing it. Little choices here, tiny steps there and a real mental, physical and emotional shift in my perspective and BAM! I'm walkin' my talk over here people. And it feels damn good. And look at this...heart stain on my shirt I spilled my ravioli on my shirt tonight at dinner (which I inevitably do when I'm wearing a light colored shirt). But when I went to take it off and clean it up I noticed it's a little heart - which showed up right on top of my heart while enjoying a meal with my most cherished people in the whole world. Like a little love note from the universe giving me a thumbs up on my progress. Thanks universe. Love you too! xo
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