sunset in the Sawtooth Mountains

Let it Shine

Hello friends, Do you guys ever wake up with a song in your head? I was talking with a friend about this recently and realized that it may not be as universal as I once thought. You see, I think i have a song running in the background in my head pretty much all the time. And until this conversation, I had just assumed that most people walk around with a song in their head. But apparently, no. This is not the case. I'm just kinda lucky in that way I guess. (BTW- Turns out my brother's got it too.) It's not like I need to turn down the volume in there - thankfully that happens naturally when I am in conversation or reading or really engrossed in something. But if there is a pause for any length of time, the song comes back around. Sometimes (actually a lot more often than I like), I get a super annoying song stuck in there, or one that I used to like until my brain played the crap out of it and now I'm super sick of it. But for the last couple days I've had a pretty good song stuck up in there..."This Little Light of Mine - I'm Gonna Let it Shine!"
sunset in the Sawtooth Mountains Sunset in the Sawtooth Mountains
I know, I know... kinda cheesy, but I find that the message is exactly what I need to hear right now. Not sure which came first - the song or my mood - but I'm pretty sure one is feeling the other right now. I'm trying to let my inner light shine and flow into my artwork and life lately. I feel possibilities sprouting around me and super hopeful as a result. I've been getting up early and meditating and journaling - both super helpful in starting my day in a calmer head space. And with warm sunny summer weather, I'm really feeling bright and open. I find that these moments of peace really invigorate and inspire my creativity. I have been pretty prolific lately - working hard on building my portfolio with collections for licensing. I hope to be able to share some of this new work with you soon. Also some big projects in the works... more on that soon too! In the meantime, if you want some great eye candy, please go check out the June Bootcamp Gallery chock full of amazing nautical-themed wall art designs. Have I mentioned how much talent is in this group of people? Holy moly. Seriously, it's worth checking out. My little ship in a bottle deisgn can be found on page one this month! I hope your are also finding ways to incorporate a little song in your heart and light in your life. Let your little light shine!
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