Jordan Vinograd Kim jello bolt fabric design

Jello Fabric Designs

Hello friends! As promised, I wanted to share my designs for the March Bootcamp assignment - bolt fabric designs a la jello molds. Quirky? Yes. Challenging? You bet! Fun? Actually, yes, after a little pep talk and lots of doodles. As I mentioned last week, I tried doing this assignment mostly digitally. I made lots of backgrounds and textures that I scanned into Photoshop. I scanned my sketches into Illustrator and used "live trace" to convert those sketches into vector. Then imported them to Photoshop and added the textures and backgrounds in many layers. With some more Photoshop magic (and some help from tutorials!), here's what I came up with:Jordan Vinograd Kim jello bolt fabric design

Can you tell I was inspired by my favorite little munchkin? (He's just tall enough now to reach a groping hand up to the counter top. So cute...)

I also did a couple coordinates to complement...

Jordan Vinograd Kim Jello bolt fabric coordinates Jordan Vinograd Kim Jello bolt fabric coordinates I am happy with my submission, but have to admit, I missed my traditional mixed media mess. There's something about getting glue and paint and itty pieces of paper all over the place that is so satisfying. So after submitting the assignment, I went straight out to my studio and started some work on a new little collection. I'll share some sneak peaks next week. Next up, the Make Art That Sells Part B class starts next week. I'm excited for the massive creative flow that came from Part A to start again. I'll be sure to post my progress here as I'm able. There's sure to be lots of new art to show you soon. So please keep checking back. Thanks for stopping by! PS: Alot of my classmates (all 400+ of them - WOW!) seemed to get into the jello thing as well. You should definitely go on over to the gallery to check out what they came up with. There' some serious inspiration to be had over there.
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