Jordan Kim meeting Lilla Rogers

I ate lunch with Lilla Rogers

It's true. I ate lunch with Lilla Rogers and about 25 fellow students from her Make Art That Sells class about a week ago in Portland. It was a totally surreal couple hours. I got to meet Lilla and a whole bunch of faces that I have only known online as crazy-talented classmates like Rachael Schafer, Tara Lilly, Kim Malek, Michelle Schwartzbauer and many more. But here's the crazy thing. I ended up sitting right next to Lilla!
Jordan Kim meeting Lilla Rogers Don't we all look happy? *Photo credit - Sophie Dufresne
We spent lunch chatting about her kids and life experiences and general getting-to-know-you stuff. It was really a lovely experience. And you know what? She is a funky quirky art lady in real life just like she is in her classes. She carried a little journal around with her and a glue stick to paste in scraps of this and that, business cards (including mine!!), postcards, etc. and make notes of inspiration as she encounters it in her day. Very clever, Lilla. And as if that weren't enough, just as we were about to wrap up our lunch, Lilla gets a tap on her shoulder by non other than Jennifer Lee! At that point my virtual/reality world collision tolerance had totally maxed out. I so wanted to say something to Jennifer too about how I had really appreciated and loved her Right Brain in Business webinar/summit and blog, but all I could do was soak it all in. I was fully tapped out in my art world celebrity capacity at that point. Woah. So instead, I drove myself home and sat down in the studio and finished up my last assignment for Lilla's Bootcamp. I've learned a lot through these classes and absolutely LOVED getting to know the supportive community of artists with whom I shared the experience. We were given a LOT of freedom with this last piece which was supposed to be done just for ourselves - not for a particular market. And it was to be focused on our favorite drink. Jordan Kim Morning Buzz 2014 mixed media collage coffee bee I was inspired by the bees working our lavender plants on our back patio. Before our little man joined us, I used to occassionally enjoy my morning cup o' joe out on the patio and watch those amazing bees work their magic. Now our mornings are a little less peaceful, but always full of life and love. Wishing you a peaceful cup of your favorite beverage and maybe a little unexpected treat. :-)
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