Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives

Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives

Hello friends! Like many of you, I've had holidays and gifts on the brain a lot lately. Being a creative, I always want to roll up my sleeves and start making my own gifts for those I love. As my hubby will attest, this usually ends in me getting overwhelmed and stressed out because I get about half way through and realize that I have taken on waaaay more than I can realistically get done. Or I ran out of some critical component to my DIY craft and it's now 10pm and we live in the mountains far, far away from a Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Aaack!!! Does this sound familiar? This year I invite you to put down the knitting needles and the hot-glue gun and try doing a little shopping. Ugh. Yes, I know. It's not the super amazing DIY gift you had in mind. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to abandon all crafty holiday gifts. But let's try to find a balance. A few affordable gifts, complemented with a few handmade goodies might just help reduce some craziness while satisfying the need to create. To help us both, I compiled a little holiday gift guide for creatives. These are some of my favorite gift ideas that encourage creativity, exploration, gratitude and reflection. Hopefully this helps you prevent the overload that can come from doing boat loads of DIY gifts while still giving thoughtful, creative presents to those you love. **Full disclosure - some of the links provided below are affiliate links.** For Kiddos

Kinetic Sand. Seriously guys - this stuff is so much fun!!! You can't stop playing with it once you start. It's like sand, but with no mess. It sort of flows like water, but can be shaped like Play-Doh. And did I mention that it makes NO MESS?

Have you heard about this company? Aloetree provides 100% organic and fairly- traded kids products to raise funds to combat child trafficking. CUTE designs and a good cause. Did you see the little whale tee? How adorable is that?

For Coffee Lovers:

Yes, I'm tossing in a shameless plug for some prints and products with designs from my latest collection of new art. :-) I really think this one would make great gift for coffee lovers or gardeners in your world. If you look closely at the table top in this image, there are all sorts of funny coffee quotes and words incorporated in it from an article I found on brewing the perfect cup. (I love finding - and leaving - little hidden messages and love notes in unusual places.)

Jordan Kim, coffee pictures, honey bees, coffee, gift for coffee lover, flowers, gardener, mixed media collage, paper art Savor your morning buzz. Prints and cards are available here.

For Gardeners:

How about this funky iPhone case? A great gift for a gardener perhaps? Or maybe someone embarking on a new adventure or chapter in their life?

Jordan Kim foundandrewound sowing seeds iPhone cover skin Society6 Fun! I love how this one fits perfectly on the iPhone cover. Grab yours here. The prints and cards of this design are available here.
For Artists:

I know I've mentioned this book before. But for a quick, inspirational read for any creative, this one is a must.

And have I mentioned how much I love my Gelli Plate? This is a great gift for kids or adults. Talk about endless possibilities.

For Dreamers:

Have you seen this brilliant creation by Danielle LaPorte? It's called the #Truthbomb Card Deck and I'm loving it! What a fun way to spread a little love around the world?

And how about this fabulous journal by the amazing Flora Bowley? It highlights the wisdom found in her book by the same title. What a great way to inspire gratitude and reflection...

For Anyone:

Nikki McClure is one of my all time favorite artists. She does all of her work with cut paper - just an exacto knife and major skills. I buy a calendar from her every year and I LOVE this year's imagery. Always inspiring. I love how she captures the lifestyle and culture we try to live here in the Pacific Northwest.

Product Image

This little wall clock is one of my favorite designs from my latest collection of new art.

Jordan Kim foundandrewound wall clock Society6 It's teh Little Things I think this would be a super-cute reminder to have ever time you look at the clock. Available here.

There you have it, friends. I hope this is helpful for you. I'd love to hear your top gift picks too! Please share in the comments below. Thanks!

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