Help for the Overwhelm

Help for the Overwhelm

Hello friends,

Whew. How can it be that another month has passed by already? Time keeps flying. Life gets filled up with busyness so easily – soccer practices, play dates, meetings, adulting, etc. And when I stop to look up and see what’s happening in the wider world, it’s even crazier - Ukraine, the redaction of Roe v. Wade, endless climate change disasters, etc.

To say it’s freakin’ overwhelming is a massive understatement.

Here’s where my mind goes when I feel the overwhelm:

"What if I’m not giving enough my energy to what matters most?

BUT WHAT CAN I DO?!! I’m just one person.

Am I living my best life? Am I serving the world the way I am meant to?

Holy crap. How the heck am I supposed to live in service when half the time I’m just surviving?

I should probably meditate more or something.

Nah. Let’s go eat some chocolate.”

I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that this has been a fairly regular conversation I have been having with myself. (My hubby can attest to how much chocolate I eat.) However, I am hoping that I’m not completely alone here.

That said, I honestly believe that the world REALLY needs us to live as authentically / consciously as possible right now. And I want to do my part to help elevate the collective consciousness. (No pressure.)

I also recognize that we all need to be SUPER realistic with ourselves (aka: set the bar LOW) when we start thinking about how we can be of service in the world. This isn’t about adding new tasks to our plate. It’s about being discerning with where we put our limited energy. To be discerning we need to get clear on what feels most important. And when I start asking myself what it feels like to be living aligned with my truth, the answer is really simple:

It feels honest.

Honest usually feels peaceful too, but not always. Sometimes you have to feel some ickiness when you’re honest because it means letting go of an old story or maybe letting someone down. But then it usually feels peaceful pretty soon after that. It doesn’t always feel good, but it usually feels right.

So how do we live honestly?

I have been thinking about this a lot. Because, I think we can all agree that something has got to change. And if we really agree with the whole “Be the change you want to see in the world” mentality, then we need to figure out a way to live more consciously. Lord knows we can’t add one more thing to our over filled plates.

Say it.

I’m a big believer in the power of intention, so it doesn’t hurt to just make a conscious decision to live in alignment with your truths.

Just say it out loud – or write it down on a post-it note on your mirror.

You do you.

The point is, just put it out there. I believe the universe hears that stuff. And if proclaiming it seems a little too woo woo – just whisper it in your closet and close the door.

It can’t hurt.

Be Discerning.

Another way to do it is to run your daily decisions through a filter question to make sure you are giving your limited energy to the right things. It could be something like, “Does this feel honest?” or “How does this make me feel?” or “Is this true?” It feels like a lot of work, but it actually helps you be more discerning with your time – which could result in MORE time. And who wouldn’t want that side effect?

Make a Supportive Nest

Another way is to create a supportive environment.

I like to surround myself with images, ephemera, and spaces that remind me of my values, beliefs and truths. Of course, for me, I love artwork that does this. And this is why I make art that does just that. I like to tuck little hidden messages and lots of layers of meaning into all the artwork I create. Sometimes it includes using meaningful maps, or tickets, or text, or papers. Other times, it has more to do with the colors or symbols. But I love the idea of making artwork that the viewer builds a relationship with over time. I want my artwork to be that support for your daily life – that reminder that gives you a nudge in the direction of your truth.

And then, the last ingredient is one that I seem to have to learn from nature again and again. That final piece is


If that word feels loaded for you, you could substitute TRUST. Either way, the meaning for me is that you can lean into your higher wisdom to guide you.

We are all making a million 1 degree turns all day long. Why not give ourselves a little support as we slowly nudge our ships in the direction of our true north? In the end, I think we will feel more supported and purposeful in our lives.

If not, we’ll have been working hard at it, so we can justify some extra chocolate. So there’s that.

With love and gratitude always.

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