wet leaves in the fall colorful leaves

Falling for Fall

I LOVE, love, L-O-V-E this time of year. I enjoy the change into any new season, but there's something about this particular change in the seasons that has always been especially wonderful for me. I think it has something to do with the sense of slowing down after summer, getting cozy, going inward a little... It really appeals to my introverted, self-reflective nature. Then there's the absolute gluttony of awesomeness that nature produces in the autumn. It always feels like the grand finale of Mother Nature's fireworks show. It's as if She's saying, "Summer may be over, but I'm signing off with a bang. Check this out!" There are...

spectacular colors you didn't know were possible in nature

autumn leaves looking up into the tree colorful leaves in the fall

boatloads of harvest bounty in every form - fruits and veggies in every shape, size, and color

Empire apples harvest

jams and jellies for every taste; pear and apple sauce (We made 4 1/2 gallons this year!)

blueberry jam and apple and pear sauce home made canning

dark, rich honey; flavorful veggies; melt-in-your-mouth fresh salmon... nearly every meal is 100% fresh and local.

harvest dinner all local fresh veggies and salmon

just-warm-enough days and just-cool-enough nights (just had the first fire of the season in the wood stove)

first wood stove fire of the season

and the first few gentle rains that bring the sweet smells of the earth to new heights.

wet leaves in the fall colorful leaves

Even our new flock of hens laid their first eggs to contribute to the harvest bounty. (Thanks girls!)

first chicken eggs from new flock of hens

And then to top it all off - there's a holiday devoted to creativity to kick off the season. I think Halloween is my favorite holiday. For starters, you get to pick and carve pumpkins. (One of my absolute most favorite days of the year is going to the pumpkin patch. I just LOVE standing in the middle of that big field staring out at all the beautiful, orange pops of color against the deep brown earth and yellowing green leaves.) Then you get to dream up, design and create a costume and character for yourself. And there are really no expectations for the big day - no pressure to cook a huge meal and no expectations to find and prepare perfect gifts. In fact, now that I've been told I'm too old to go trick-or-treating, I really really love spending the evening at home answering the door and getting to see the costume creations that all the kids have come up with. It's a total celebration of creative endeavors. What could be better? I know! Getting to relive it with our little man! So excited to experience it with him this year... In celebration of my love of the fall, I've been working on building a Pinterest board dedicated to this time of year. Hop on over and share your pins! I'd love to see your favorite parts of the season...
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