Mother's Intuition paper collage by Jordan Vinograd Kim


After a chaotic spring, I'm taking time to really slow down and enjoy our little family this week, so this post will be brief. But I wanted to take a moment to share a reminder I've been giving myself a lot lately...It's the ordinary moments that are the most extra-ordinary. Mother's Intuition paper collage by Jordan Vinograd Kim A while back I talked about the gratitude practice I share with a dear friend of mine. We're still at it and it is one of the most cherished parts of my day to receive my friends daily gratitudes and share mine with her. And you know what? The things we're most grateful for are very rarely amazing one-of a-kind moments. They are the every day extra-ordinary ordinary moments. Holding hands with our kids, listening to the birds, noticing the sound of the rain, the smell of fresh fruit, a simple kiss from our hubbies. I LOVE that. There's something so liberating about that to me. It says, I don't have to be perfect or do super-human accomplishments or save the world. I just have to be me and slow down enough to notice how much beauty and amazingness is all around me every day. Even on crappy days- you just have to look a little harder sometimes. I want to remember this for myself and help others remember to see it too. Jordan Kim, coffee pictures, honey bees, coffee, gift for coffee lover, flowers, gardener, mixed media collage, paper art This is the stuff that REALLY inspires me. It's my most favorite subject matter - those little moments. So please friends, take a moment right now and notice three things that you are so grateful to have in your life right now. Things that you would really miss if they weren't there. It can really fill your heart. xo
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