Jordan Kim mixed media collage process photo

Every Step Counts

Some days you just take a step - any step - in the direction of your dreams, and that is all you can do that day. As many of you know, I work part time as a natural resource manager. It is a great way to balance my love for ecology and conservation of natural resources while giving me space and time to be a mama and artist. And, as you might imagine, it can be challenging at times to balance wearing all of those hats. As soon as our little man's head hits the pillow, I am off to the studio to work on my art. Naps and nights are my art time. And as much as I savor my time with my family, oh man do I love my art time. Making art feeds my soul in a way that none of my other roles do. When I am creating I can feel my heart opening, my shoulders relaxing, and my mind shutting off for a bit. Art is the channel through which my heart speaks. So I make art so my soul knows I am listening. Jordan Kim mixed media collage process photo Some days, all I can do is go out to the studio and turn on some tunes and look through my paper stash for a little inspiration. Other times all I can do is sketch out a few designs on some canvas. Then there are moments when I am in the flow and cranking out some really exciting work only to have little man wake up early from his nap. But what can you do? My practice is to remind myself that every step towards my dreams count. Even the teeny tiny ones. The fact that I am showing up time and time again is seriously powerful.
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