puddle stomp

Don't Store Bread in Your Ear

My husband and I were just talking today about all the wacky things we say in a day as a parent of a toddler. If taken out of context people would either find them totally hilarious or slightly disturbing. Our little man is just hitting the beginning of the "terrible twos" protesting everything and testing limits like crazy. The same moment is often both gut wrenching funny and maddening. Anyway, I thought I would share a few highlights from our conversations lately - taken out of context for added fun.puddle stomp"Honey, we don't stuff bread in our ears." "Out of your mouth. And your nose. And your ears. ...sigh... And your eyes." "Did you just eat your toe fuzzy?" "Oooh truck soup. My favorite." "Shhh.... the vacuum is sleeping." "Where did you get that roast beef?" "What are you eating now?" "We don't eat our dandelion wishes." You want socks on? Okay, how about your booties? <"Uh-huh."> Okay, booties it is. You want socks? Ohh-kaaay Nothing? Both? "uh-huh" sigh. I so love this age, but boy can it be exhausting. I'd love to get your quotes from your days with kids.... Please share below!
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