I'm back! Now with a new addition!

Hello there!

What's that you say? Haven't seen much of me in the last ...oh... year or so? Yes, I have been a stranger to blogging for the last year, but I have a good excuse! We have a new little baby boy! Our little man joined our family on August 30, 2012 after 36 loooong hours of labor. He's the love and light of our lives...


And wow, the transition to parenthood causes a new, permanent shift in perspective, eh?

I guess it should come as no surprise that bringing new life into the world could (and should) cause a massive shift in your being, but you can't really understand it until you've experienced it. It really makes you reassess how you look at...well... just about everything. And I am going to make some big changes in the way I spend my time and energy. If I am going to spend time away from this little guy, I want it to be for a really good reason. Something I believe in with all my heart. I want to be the best darn Uhma (Korean for Mama), I can be. And this of course has led me to think long and hard about my work, my art and my passions. How to balance life so as to give our guy the best possible quality of life and quality of parents.

I've come to the conclusion that it is vitally important for the little people in our lives to witness us being fulfilled. As Kelly Rae Roberts puts it, this is important for two reasons:

1. It shows them that it can be done.

2. We bring lost of happy, inspired energy to our family.

This is why I am committing myself to my art as a business and a way of life. I know that artsy craftiness makes me come alive. And I know that being in the garden, being outside, being present, being grateful, helping others, giggling, playing and getting dirty all make me HAPPY, JoYfUL and alive. I'm not sure how I will do this or where it will go, but I am committing myself to following this path wherever it leads so as to make the best possible life for our new little life. It feels true and peaceful, so I know it's the right path. And I trust that the answers to all the "hows" "what ifs" and "can I's" will come in time.

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