Jordan Kim catching snowflakes collage paper

Around here lately...

Hello! Hope this little post finds you cozy and warm. We've had lots of cloudy Pacific Northwest days lately. It's that time of year. While I LOVE the sun (and need lots of it), I actually enjoy the get-cozy-inside part of these cold, wet, dark winter days. I think it makes my moments in the studio more productive because I am not being enticed to go outside as much. So that's exactly what I've been doing.... Spending little man's naps and my evenings out in the studio - creating away. I thought I would share a few pics from around here lately. (If you follow me on Instagram, you might recognize some of these.) Jordan Kim catching snowflakes collage paper

I've been working on building some new collections for licensing - including a holiday collection. (No, the irony of the timing is not lost on me. So I'm a little behind...) I'm not sure where these little kids will end up, but I sure had a lot of fun creating them. Funny thing is I totally saw this scene when we got a little new snow last weekend. Funny kiddos running around with their mouths open trying to catch the big fat snowflakes falling. So cute! (BTW - If you're curious about the sketches and background, I start my collages with sketches on gessoed cardboard. Then I do the collage over the sketch. Later, I scan and clean them up in Photoshop. You can watch my process video right over here.)

Jordan Kim Chickadee sketches

I've also been dreaming of spring. I try to create something every day . So on those days that I don't get out the studio, I usually try to spend a little time sketching. Have been watching these guys working away through the winter - always on the lookout for something to nibble. Jordan Kim paper artist scrap trail Spotted this little scrap of paper on the path to my studio from the house. So funny. I seem to shed paper "breadcrumbs" wherever I go. Hmmmm..... maybe a paper artist is near. :-) Jordan Kim celebrate sunlightFinally, I had to share this photo that little man insisted on taking when the sun came out for a moment the other day. He suddenly jumped up from where he was playing on the floor and shouted "YAY!!! Sun come out!!!!" I feel the same way. He's a kid after my own heart. Gotta celebrate the light when you see it! Hope you all are having a lovely week. Keep celebrating the light!
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