2023 Wall Calendar!

2023 Wall Calendar!

Hello friend,

It's August and that means it's time to release another wave of NEW ART and a new calendar! Woohoo!!

I know it seems weird to launch my 2023 calendar in August of 2022, but that's when retailers start buying inventory for their shops for the holiday season. So that's the cycle that I follow. And you get to benefit! You can shop early and get one before I run out!

First, let me ask you this -

How is a bison connected to a river otter?

To find out you 'll have to follow the circular illustrated story of wildlife and humans depicted in this year's calendar.

This calendar was deeply inspired by the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park. We are taking a family road trip there this summer and I was so inspired just planning our trip! Then of course, the flooding happened there this June - once I had nearly finished all the collages for the calendar. And I knew that this calendar was more timely than I had realized.

You may not live anywhere close to Yellowstone National Park. And you may have never been there or have plans to go there. But you are connected to it in some way because we are all interconnected on this planet. And like my past calendars, this one aims to honor these connections.

Each collage in this collection connects with the others in some way. If you look carefully, the images fit together by following the story of a rolling yellow stone as it is touched by so many interconnected lives. While each piece also works as a stand-alone image, the story is subtly unveiled throughout the year.

Whether you have a connection to the park or not, I hope that this calendar is a reminder that we are not only in this together, but we depend on one another and our actions have a ripple effect throughout the world. As always, I’ve incorporated loads of hidden messages, layers upon layers of vibrant re-purposed papers, and of course, simple reminders to slow down and notice the world around you.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak preview! You can grab yours today right here in my Etsy shop!

With gratitude and love!

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