Monarch butterflies are known for their incredible migratory journey from Mexico in the winter to Canada in the summer.  In the fall they have been known to pass through Yellowstone on their way to California and Baja. They often stop in clusters at muddy watering holes – a phenomena known’s as “puddling”  – to stock up on water and nutrients for their trip. This mixed media collage depicts monarchs doing just that.  It is the October image found in my 2023 wall calendar.  Although it works as a stand-alone image, each design in this collection was created to tell part of a story of connection by following a yellow stone as it is touched by the flora and fauna of Yellowstone National Park. Each image also includes a Native American word for this animal.  This image includes the words, “Monarch butterflies “puddle” on wet sand and mud to drink water and extract minerals.”


Reproductions of this image are available through my Etsy shop.

All of my cards and prints are printed on high quality, 100% post-consumer recycled, white, matte cardstock with archival ink.


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