I am the Thirsty Desert

I am the Thirsty Desert

Written By Darcy Pattison

Illustrated by Jordan Kim

**A Children’s Book Council Hot Off the Press Selection!**

I am the Thirsty Desert

My debut children’s book as an illustrator is now available for pre-order!  “I am the Thirsty Desert” is a picture book written by the award-winning science author, Darcy Pattison.  Together we have woven a tale of a superbloom from the desert’s perspective. 

When a sudden downpour, a monsoon, falls in the desert, plants and animals explode with growth. Plants sprout, bloom, produce seeds and die within a couple days. Likewise, in a week, animals hatch, grow, mate, lay eggs, and return to hibernation or estivation. Strong lyrical text takes on the persona of the desert as it watches seeds it has cradled become flowering plants.  Illustrating this book was so fun as we explored how the natural life cycles of the desert life depend on its fleeting rain. Explore this fascinating environment during one of its most spectacular displays of life.

**Chosen as a Children’s Book Council Hot Off the Press book**


Harcover copies of this picture book are available for pre-order now through my Etsy shop.

Orders will ship on March 23, 2023.


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